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Established in 2009 by a group of experienced engineers in the Electronics – Telecommunications industry. Today, LIDINCO is known as the leading company in the field of measuring and testing equipment distribution , imported genuine in Vietnam market and high reputation with foreign partners

Lidinco’s slogan “Bring To Success”. We want to bring success and connect the world’s leading equipment manufacturers to domestic manufacturers, Universities, Colleges, and Vocational Training; Engineers, technicians in electronics and telecommunications, precision mechanics contribute to the development of the Electronics and Telecommunications industry and mechanical technology is in the period of development and integration.

Development History

Business Operation

Nguồn lập trình DC hai ngõ ra 60V20A TTI CPX400DP

1. Electrical measuring and analysis equipment

Distributing measuring and analysis equipment for electrical – electronics, automation and repair industries such as oscilloscopes, multimeters, clamp meters, LCR measuring devices, power supplies, meters resistors, power quality analyzers of top brands: Siglent, TongHui, Twintex, Tektronix, Keysight, Sanwa, Hioki, Chroma, Chauvinx Arnoux…

2. Telecoms Equipment

In addition, Lidinco also supplies imported telecommunications and communication equipment such as signal converters, cables, connectors, RF adapters, SFP optical transceiver modules, EMC antennas, OTDR, fusion splicers, spectrum analyzers from top brands like Siglent, Keysight, Aaronia, Yokogawa, Finisar, Huber & Suhner with good price and high quality.

Bộ Ghi Dữ Liệu Độ Ẩm, Nhiệt Độ Extech RH520B

3. Environmental Equipment

Distributing environmental testing and analysis equipment such as salinity meters, humidity meters, dust meters, temperature measuring devices, magnetic fields, vibration meters and assessment, traffic noise transportation, pH meter, dissolved oxygen, refractometer, titrator. As well as equipment for measuring the quality of water, environment, air, or measuring magnetic fields of the famous brands like SoundPlan, Norsonic, Sonitus, Extech, Tenmars, Hanna Instruments, Hioki, Amprobe, BK Precision…

4. Laboratory equipment

Lidinco provides equipment and materials for laboratories of electrical, electronic, telecommunications, material composition analysis, material quality assessment, laboratories in the fields of industry, aviation, aerospace and education in Vietnam such as microscopes, mixers, shakers, spectrometers, microclimate cabinets, incubators, drying cabinets. Moreover, we distribute specialized machines used in metallographic analysis such as sample grinding and polishing machines, hot and cold casting machines, sample cutters, fabrics and sample polishing solutions for labs at schools and fab labs in companies or factories…

Máy cắt bảng mạch PCB TechCut5 Allied High Tech

5. Factory consumables and equipment:

Besides the main equipment on the production line, Lidinco also provides consumables for production and is proud to be an important supplier for leading factories in Vietnam such as Intel, Samsung, LG, Onsemi, Sonion, Vinfast as well as defense and state production centers… Some industrial equipment products and factory supplies are being provided by Lidinco such as ICT/FCT battery pins, soldering stations, etc. soldering iron, sensors, vacuum pen…

6. SMT equipment and production line 

SMT equipment for surface-mount technology is imported by Lidinco genuine and supports enthusiastic technical advice. We provides wide range of equipment such as automatic or semi-automatic component pick and place machines, reflow ovens, stencil printers, PCB loader, AOI, AXI machines and chip counters

Máy gắp đặt linh kiện SMT tự động Qihe TVM802BX.
Máy đo độ ồn và phân tích dải tần Building Acoustic Nor140

7.Sound, noise and vibration analyzers:

The field of sound and vibration measurement and analysis is currently very popular. And Lidinco is proud to be the leader in providing professional equipment in this field such as noise meter, vibration meter, vibration sensor, audio test microphones, head, ear and mouth simulators supporting sound analysis from brands such as Norsonic, Gras, Placid, Convergence Instruments…

8. Training and Educational Equipment:

Lidinco is proud to be a consultant, providing solutions and equipment for education and training at domestic universities, international schools, colleges and intermediate schools throughout Vietnam in various fields such as: Practical electronics, Telecommunications, industrial electricity, automation, Stem/Steam education…

Máy hiện sóng Siglent SDS1202X-E 200MHz -1

9. Other services

Besides distributing equipment and supplies, Lidinco also supports other services such as:

  • Maintenance and installation equipment for production plants, export processing zones, electronic companies and customers in need.
  • Consulting equipment selection, construction, establishment of repair centers, laboratories, production workshops…
  • Repair of Electronic and Telecommunication equipment
  • Equipment rental




Lidinco has highly professional knowledge of the products, sense of discipline and the positive attitude toward clients communication.


Lidinco is ready to assist and find support solutions for customers’ problems


Always update products, technical skills to bring efficiency in work

Be Creative

Lidinco team learns and improves our ability in the process of working, exploring for better working efficiency.


To achieve this position, for many years Lidinco has always taken prestige and responsibility in work as our top factors. Lidinco always ensures that goods arrive on time with customers and keep updating their status continuously to ensure on schedule.

With many years of experience in retail and distribution for factories, Lidinco always assists customers in finding and supplying customers with a wide range of products that have clear origin and certification. Coming to Lidinco, you always receive genuine, quality products at affordable prices.

  • Always working with the motto: “Quick response, fast delivery, good quotation, good after-sales”
  • Provide products with Certificate of Origin, Certificate of Quality
  • Good price for our clients
  • Always support customers’ requirements
  • Nationwide delivery